Who We Are?  

     Political Division: We are Internet Strategists dedicated to raising the funds necessary to elect moral and fiscally responsible candidates. We also pride ourselves on our extensive pro-bono work. It is our belief that "our service to others is the rent we pay here on earth." We have been and will continue to be pioneers at using the power of the Internet.

Corporate Division: With our innovative techniques we enable our corporate clients to get their desired message out to millions of people within minutes for a fraction of the cost of traditional and sometimes outdated avenues. Our corporate division has worked successfully with companies ranging from Fortune 500 Companies to multinational corporations.

Using our knowledge and familiarity with all facets of the Internet, we always work closely with our clients to identify and achieve important goals. No matter if their goal is to improve their companies perception in the media, heighten their brands value with targeted audiences or to publicize new initiatives, we develop strategies unique to that companies specific needs. We work with our corporate clients with the same tenacity as with our political clients.
    Our Staff and Leadership    
    Our Campaign Involvement List

        John McCain for President, Bush-Cheney, Bush-Cheney Recount Committee, Bush-Cheney04, Michele Bachmann for President, Mitt Romney for President, Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, USO, GOPAC, NRSC, RNC, NRCC, Senator Sam Brownback, Saxby Chamblis for Senate, Wayne Allard for Senate, Jim Talent for Senate, Tea Party Express, Our Country Deserves Better PAC, Move America Forward, Joe Miller for Senate, Ken Buck for Senate, Center for Individual Freedom, Conservatives for Patients' Rights, Rick Santorum for Senate, George Allen for Senate, Lee Zeldin for Senate, Mike Steele for Governor, Sean Hannity's Freedom Concert, Freedom Alliance, Vietnam Veterans Legacy Foundation, Heritage Foundation, Lynn Swann for Governor, Jack McMullen for Senate, Rick Lazio for Senate, Bill Federer for Congress, Dave Rogers for Congress, Marilyn O'Grady for Congress, Lee Zeldin for Congress, The Project America Foundation, Bill Conrad for Congress, Police Connection, John Faso for NYS Controller, Westchester County Republican Party, Softer Voices, Americans 4 Reform, Jay Dickey for Congress, Greg Parke for Congress, Claudia Bermudez for Congress, Tim Escobar for Congress, Herman Badillo for Mayor of NYC, National Defense PAC, Vernon Robinson for Congress, Greg Parke for Senate, Dr. Marilyn F. O'Grady for Senate, Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund and Coalition for a Fair Judiciary.


Corporate Clients, past and present

         Northrop – Grumman, Ross Perot, Boeing, Public Strategies, Inc., New York Mets, GOPUSA, American Vision

    Pro-Bono Listing

Freedom Alliance, The Gold Star Family Support Center, American Ballet Theatre, The Children's Museum, Ronald McDonald House of Long Island, The Family Service League, New York Blood Services, Mental Health Association of Nassau County, Long Island Youth Mentoring, The Morley Institute for Church and Culture, Tomorrows Hope Foundation, The Boy of Steel and many more.
    Company Background Information

         Dionysus Consulting, LLC has provided individuals and companies with consulting services for over 25 years. Because of our innovative strategies and goal-setting techniques, we have a strong record of client satisfaction. Our staff includes fundraising, internet, policy and image consultants. Some of the pro-bono fundraising services we have provided were to American Ballet Theatre, The Family Service League, Splashes of Hope, Ronald McDonald House and Long Island Blood Services.