Campaign Debt Settlement    
    Campaign Debt Settlement Services of Dionysus Consulting, LLC Republican Internet Strategists dedicated to raising the funds necessary to elect moral and fiscally responsible candidates. Our services are customized to meet your individual needs. No Candidate and No Campaign are the same.    
    FEC Debt Reporting Guidelines: Debts and obligations must be reported continuously until repaid. 104.3(d) and 104.11. Unpaid bills and written contracts or agreements to make expenditures are considered debts. 100.8 (a)(2). Debts and obligations are reported on schedule D according to the following rules:    
    A debt of $500 or less is reportable once it has been outstanding 60 days from the date incurred ( the date of the transaction, not the date the bill is received). The debt is disclosed on the next regularly scheduled report. A debt exceeding $500 must be reported in the report covering the date on which the debt was incurred. 104.3(d), 104.22 and 116.6(c).    
    Current FEC guidelines may be found at

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