Political Division: We are Internet Strategists dedicated to raising the funds necessary to elect moral and fiscally responsible candidates. We also pride ourselves on our extensive pro-bono work. It is our belief that "our service to others is the rent we pay here on earth." We have been and will continue to be pioneers at using the power of the Internet.

Corporate Division: With our innovative techniques we enable our corporate clients to get their desired message out to millions of people within minutes for a fraction of the cost of traditional and sometimes outdated avenues. Our corporate division has worked successfully with companies ranging from Fortune 500 Companies to multinational corporations.

Using our knowledge and familiarity with all facets of the Internet, we always work closely with our clients to identify and achieve important goals. No matter if their goal is to improve their companies perception in the media, heighten their brands value with targeted audiences or to publicize new initiatives, we develop strategies unique to that companies specific needs. We work with our corporate clients with the same tenacity as with our political clients. We are crisis management specialists.

Entertainment Division: With our Strategic Partnership with Ron Alexenburg and other leaders in the Entertainment Industry, we are able to harness the power of the Internet to promote your project in ways not previously available for a fraction of the costs of advertising across traditional mediums.

Where it would have previously taken months or years to promote your project, be it a song, album, movie, television show, play or other project, the unharnessed power of the Internet will get your project in front of the eyes and into the ears, minds and souls of millions of people within minutes. With the click of a mouse you can have a fan base which would have previously taken you months, or years.

Our expertise will get you noticed, and your talent in your craft will rocket you to the top of the charts.

email List Management and Brokerage:Our renowned expertise in email list brokerage and management provides superior list rental services for the list owner while continually maximizing individual clients ROI. We only manage and represent email lists that are of the highest quality where the list owner values the integrity of their list as their number one concern. By doing this, we allow individual clients to reach their target audience while Lowering acquisition costs and improving the responsiveness of their initiative.

Through detailed analysis of the various lists we manage and represent, Dionysus Consulting, LLC ensures the success of your marketing campaign by having a keen understanding of how to bring your fundraising or action alert initiative message directly to your prospects.

Contact us to find out why Dionysus Consulting, LLC has for years been one of the most trusted names in the email list marketing arena.

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